Thursday, March 12, 2009

Three Little Bears & Porridge

The past few weeks the preschool classes have been learning about nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Today they learned about Goldilocks and the three bears. To help the children understand what porridge was we decided to make some. The children helped to make the porridge while the teachers cooked it. Everyone was able to try some porridge, some children were more willing than others to taste the lumpy porridge. But most agreed upon tasting it that they did indeed like it.

Trying their porridge.

This is good!

Not even Mrs. Kristy can convince her to take a bite.

We love this porridge!

Mrs. Bev being silly pretending to eat all the porridge!

Tastes yummy to us.

Okay if I try one bite can I go out to play?

Talking a little over what the porridge tastes like.

Yummy Porridge!

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