Friday, March 6, 2009

Preschool makes green eggs & ham.

Mrs. Kristy Albright & Mrs. Eileen Carter's preschool classes made green eggs and ham. First they cracked the eggs, mixed them. Then they added the ham and mixed it. Finally they added green food coloring. The children were thrilled to see the eggs change color. We talked about how the color changed but would not change the taste of the eggs & ham. All the children tried at least a taste or lick of the eggs. Some of the students really enjoyed them and wanted more. While others wanted no part of the green eggs & ham. You need something to drink when drinking green eggs and ham and so the children made "pink ink" (pink lemonade kool aid) from the story one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. What a fun snack preschool enjoyed.

Not sure if she wants to try some green eggs & ham.

These kids are eating the green eggs up.

This is so good.

Having a little conversation over a plateful of eggs.

They don't taste any different then my Mommy's eggs.

There is no way I am eating green eggs & ham.

Mrs. Eileen theses are really green!

These are delicious. I love them.

Are you sure they taste the same?

Our green eggs were very green!!

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