Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Secret Garden & Outdoor Classroom

GES is so fortunate to have such lovely school grounds where children can go outside to learn and enjoy nature. The secret garden and Outdoor classroom is in bloom allowing children to learn about the colors of the flowers, the types of flowers in bloom as well as count how many flowers are on each bush.

some pretty flowers around the pond

the sun dial

counting how many fish were in the pond took some time as they are very quick swimmers.

Preschoolers looking at the fish in the pond.

Such a beautiful place to listen to a story.

Hope scotch is fun but also helps us to learn our numbers.

Hop scotch help us to improve our gross motor skills.

So much fun we have hopping and counting.

Even the teachers have fun hop scotching.

All the children knew the color of this flower.

There was a discussion whether these were pink or purple. Finally the preschool decided they were just pretty.

Taking a break on the bench at the secret garden.

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