Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grandparent's Day in Preschool a Success!!

Grandparent's Day was a hit!. The preschool classes wanted to honor and celebrate how great their grandparents are. So in honor of the grandparents we invited them to come play in preschool and enjoy lunch with their grandchild. The weather was not very cooperative which made us have to move our activities into the multipurpose room. But even that could not dampen the fun that was had by the grandparents and grandchildren. The children showed their grandparents what they liked to do in preschool. There were trucks & cars, doll houses and dolls, tricycles, hula hoops, dinosaurs, large lego blocks, books to read, and even coloring pages to color. Everyone who participated enjoyed themselves.

Creating a tower with legos.

So glad his grandparents and aunt could come.

Yea, my Nana came to spend the day with me.

Happy that Nana Mac could come and play.

Wishing we could have played on the playground instead.

Look how tall our building is.

Mrs. Kristy's class enjoying lunch with their grandparents.

Coloring with grandparents is so much fun.

Building a tower with Mommy.

Coloring pictures for their grandparents.

Grandparents watching their grandchildren play with their friends.

Building castles is great fun with friends.

Reading books is cool!!

Race Cars and garages my favorite.

Reading is fun.

Glad his grandpa could come.

Pops has her hooked.

Nana's girl

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