Friday, May 1, 2009

The Secret Garden is in bloom!

If you have not been out to see the colors in the Secret Garden you should. There are so many beautiful flowers in bloom. The water fall and pond is pretty with all the statues by it. And a great place to snap an end of year picture of your class. Mrs. Eileen's preschool class released their butterflies this morning in the secret garden. One of the butterflies didn't fly off right away and rested on an iris that had bloomed.

Preschoolers looking to see the fish in the pond.

Looking at the butterfly on the flower.

Our butterfly we released stayed on the flower instead.
One of the bird houses for the birds to make their homes in.

the waterfall and pond that Komatsu built for GES

taking time to smell the flowers.


Just one of the precious statues in the secret garden

sign from the statue above

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