Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family Read Night

Family Read Night found many families at school to enjoy stories told by famous characters. They were able to purchase books, snacks and get their pictures with many characters. All who attended thought that it was a great time and really enjoyed the character contest. The children dressed up in character and gave clues for people to guess who they were.

One of the many adorable characters.

Mrs. Sarai, principal at Griffith enjoyed the evening with her daughter.

Dr. Seuss character, can you guess who?

Jasmine is ready for a carpet ride.

Snow White and Cinderella were here to dazzle us.

A mini Fancy Nancy.

Pooh Bear was a favorite of all the children.

Characters from Desperaux

Can you guess who this guy is?

Friends enjoying the story hour.
Reading a story to her Mom and little sister.

Ms. Glenda and Scooby had a great time at the Family Read Night.

Mrs. Pamela as Fancy Nancy

Making book marks.

Listening to the story
Posters announcing Family Read Night were all over the school.

4th graders worked the book store to sell used and new books.

They practiced money skills by making sales.

The girl scouts sold cookies.

Mrs. Baird, SCMS librarian as the Cat in the hat.

Frog and Toad

The White Witch

Mother Goose with Snow White

The Cat in the Hat and Fancy Nancy

Pooh Bear with a fan