Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sock Hop at GES

Pretty in their 50s attire.

Mrs. Faye & husband really know how to dance.

Little girls dressed in their pretty poodle skirts.
Looking cool in her poodle skirt & sweater.

Everybody Chicken Dance!

Elvis has entered the building!

Mrs. Faye and her busband showed everyone how to dance.

Showing the kids how to stroll.
Doing the twist is so much fun

These girls know how to twist!

Twist away

Everyone is having fun at the Sock Hop!

Lots of dancing & laughter at the Sock Hop
Mrs. Stacey & her "date" were all dressed up in their 50s best.

Mrs. Eileen & her daughter tried the twist.

Kids and adults could stand with Marilyn for a photo opt.

Just one of the many cool cars at the car show.

This car is sharp looking.

What a Sock Hop! So much fun, dancing, food, friends, and we can't forget Elvis. The PTO did an excellent job taking us back in time to the 1950s. Days of rolled up jeans, poodle skirts, Charlie Brown charatoons, cool cars, Elvis and incredible music. Everyone there had a great time. Thank you PTO for a fun night!

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